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As a UK-based team, we’ve spent 50 years immersed in the world of pool table recovers, refurbishments, and repairs. We’re skilled artisans who have rejuvenated countless pool tables for homes and businesses across the nation.

Our service is guaranteed professional, swift, efficient, and cost-effective. We’ve handled a wide range of slate-bed pool table models, including Supreme, BCE, DPT, and Riley. From 5ft to 9ft tables, we’ve done it all. Trust us with your pool table needs.

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Snooker Strategy Essential Tips

Introduction to Snooker Strategy Welcome to the fascinating world of snooker! As a snooker table specialist, I've seen first hand how a solid grasp of snooker strategy can elevate your game. Snooker isn't just about hitting balls into pockets; it's a game of...

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Folding Pool Table

Introduction to Folding Pool Tables Imagine transforming any room into a game room within minutes. That's the magic a folding pool table brings to homes and pool clubs. Not just an ingenious solution for space-saving, these tables offer the versatility and...

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Snooker Table Cloths

The Key Role of Cloths on a Snooker Table The snooker table cloths serves as the canvas upon which the game unfolds. Its role in gameplay cannot be overstated. Imagine playing on a table with worn-out, low-quality cloth – your shots wouldn't be as precise, the...