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As a UK-based team, we’ve spent 50 years immersed in the world of pool table recovers, refurbishments, and repairs. We’re skilled artisans who have rejuvenated countless pool tables for homes and businesses across the nation.

Our service is guaranteed professional, swift, efficient, and cost-effective. We’ve handled a wide range of slate-bed pool table models, including Supreme, BCE, DPT, and Riley. From 5ft to 9ft tables, we’ve done it all. Trust us with your pool table needs.

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Chalking a Pool Cue Tips

Why Chalking a Pool Cue is Crucial As a pool table specialist, I often emphasize the importance of chalking a pool cue. This simple yet vital practice enhances your game significantly. When you properly chalk your cue, you gain better control over the cue ball. The...

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Custom Pool Table Felt Designs

The Rise of Custom Pool Table Felt Designs Custom pool table felt designs are becoming a big hit among pool table owners and clubs. These designs let us express our style while we play our favourite game. When you customize your pool table, you turn it into a work...

Pool Table Accessories

Best Snooker Chalk

Introduction to Snooker Chalk When I talk about snooker chalk, I think about how crucial it is to a successful game. As a pool table specialist, I always recommend the best snooker chalk to anyone who plays snooker, whether they're amateurs or professionals....

Snooker Play

Different Games on Snooker Table

Introduction to Multi-Game Snooker Tables Snooker tables are not just for snooker. They offer flexibility, allowing you to enjoy various games with just a few adjustments. I'm often asked about the different games you can play on a snooker table. The answer might...

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Pool Table Balls

The Importance of Quality Pool Tables and Balls When you love playing pool, the quality of your equipment matters. Pool tables and pool table balls directly impact how enjoyable and challenging each game is. I always recommend investing in high-quality tables and...

Recovering Services

Recover a Pool Table

Why Recovering Your Pool Table Is Important Recovering your pool table can be crucial. It helps you enjoy smooth gameplay, maintain consistent bounce and ensure every shot is accurate. When I recover a pool table, I always notice how it changes the entire playing...


How Do You Play Snooker

How Do You Play Snooker: The Basics You Need to Know Snooker, a game rich in history, offers a blend of strategy, skill and precision. Originating in the late 19th century, it has become a beloved pastime for many. Let's look at the essentials around  'How do you...