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As a UK-based team, we’ve spent 50 years immersed in the world of pool table recovers, refurbishments, and repairs. We’re skilled artisans who have rejuvenated countless pool tables for homes and businesses across the nation.

Our service is guaranteed professional, swift, efficient, and cost-effective. We’ve handled a wide range of slate-bed pool table models, including Supreme, BCE, DPT, and Riley. From 5ft to 9ft tables, we’ve done it all. Trust us with your pool table needs.

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Snooker Dining Table

The Rising Trend of Snooker Dining Tables Welcome to a world where elegance meets practicality and tradition blends seamlessly with modern innovation. Here at Pool Table Talk, we've witnessed a remarkable shift in how people perceive and use snooker tables in their...

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Custom Pool Table Cloth

The Importance of Quality Custom Pool Table Cloth When it comes to enhancing the playing experience on your snooker table nothing plays a more critical role than the quality of the pool table cloth. As seasoned pool table specialists, we at IQ Pool Tables...

Recovering Services

Pool Table Recovering Near Me

Introduction Pool and snooker tables, much like cherished pieces of art, require regular attention and care. Over time, even the most treasured tables begin showing signs of wear and tear. As someone deeply passionate about these games, I can't stress enough the...

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Pool Table Owners Essential Guide

Introduction to the World of Pool Tables Having a pool table in one's home is not just about playing a game; it's about stepping into a rich history and becoming part of a cherished tradition. In the UK, the allure of the pool table goes back centuries, a game that...

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8 Ball Pool in the UK

The Allure of 8 Ball Pool in the UK For decades, 8-ball pool has resonated deeply with the UK's sports enthusiasts. When we talk about pool, especially in British pubs and recreational spaces, 8 ball pool often springs to mind. It's not just a game; it's a cultural...