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Transforming Games Room: A Stunning Case Study by IQ Pool Tables


As a pool table supplier in the UK I’d like to share some valuable advice and insights with pool table enthusiasts. In this article, I’m excited to present a fascinating case study showcasing the expertise of IQ Pool Tables. Let’s dive into the transformation of a games room in Cambridgeshire.

transform games room

Client’s Vision – A Games Room

Our journey begins with a passionate pool enthusiast who had a vision for his dream gamesroom in Cambridgeshire. He approached us at IQ Pool Tables with the desire to have a black pearl 7ft Free play Supreme winner pool table. His games room was nearing completion, and he shared a photo with us, depicting the impressive space he had created. (above)

The Perfect Match

One of the key aspects that makes IQ Pool Tables stand out is our ability to understand and fulfill our clients’ unique visions. In this case, the client’s color scheme and room aesthetics perfectly matched another exquisite offering from our collection.  – The Italian Grey free play Supreme Winner 7ft model with Strachan super pro tournament cloth. This choice truly clinched the deal.

games room refurbishment

Transforming the Games Room

The moment of transformation arrived when the new pool table replaced the old wooden bed table in the client’s games room. This stunning Italian Grey masterpiece not only became the centerpiece but also brought the much-desired “WOW factor”. It perfectly complemented the room’s aesthetics. The room now exuded an aura of sophistication and recreation, thanks to the careful selection and placement of the pool table. (below)

pool room

games room

Complete Experience

At IQ Pool Tables, we believe in providing a comprehensive and memorable experience for our customers. In addition to offering top-notch pool tables, we also have an extensive range of free accessories. These accessories added a new layer of excitement for the client, enhancing the overall experience. What sets us apart is our trained nationwide fitting team, ensuring that the new table is delivered and installed to perfection.

  • Expert fitting and installation services.
  • A wide range of free accessories to choose from.
  • Personalized guidance and assistance throughout the process.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction and support.

Customer Appreciation

Customer feedback holds immense value for us at IQ Pool Tables. We are delighted to share that the client expressed his appreciation by leaving exceptional reviews on platforms like Google, Trust Pilot, and Free Index. These reviews not only motivate us but also help potential customers gain trust in our services. We take pride in the satisfaction of our clients and are committed to continuing our high standards of excellence.


In this captivating case study, we’ve witnessed how IQ Pool Tables turned a pool enthusiast’s dream into a reality. The art of selecting the perfect pool table that aligns with a room’s aesthetics is our specialty. This case study serves as a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional services. We service pool table enthusiasts and venues across the UK.

Thank you for joining me in this insightful journey, and stay tuned for more expert advice and stories from the world of pool tables.

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